The Synopsis and Appeal of the Anime “Arakawa Under the Bridge”



The stage is set on the banks of the Arakawa River. There, a successful elite young man named Ichinomiya Kou, also known as “Ric”, meets a self-proclaimed Venusian homeless beauty, Nino. Their clumsy love is sometimes funny, sometimes poignant… Centered around these two, the days of turmoil caused by the strange residents of the riverbank are depicted in this original, new-sense, heartful love (?) comedy for those on the same wavelength.



Ichinomiya Kou / Recruit
He is the young heir of the large conglomerate “Ichinomiya Group” and a young elite who, despite being a university student, has established and manages numerous companies, including GOES. After falling into the river and being saved by Nino, he decided to live on the riverbank and become Nino’s boyfriend at her request in order to repay her for saving his life.

A mysterious, beautiful girl who claims to be a “Venusian”. In order to “understand what Earthlings call ‘love’”, she asks Ric to “let her fall in love” and becomes his girlfriend. She is capable of diving for more than an hour without any equipment, has a high swimming ability, and is not daunted by the raging currents of the Arakawa River.


Village Chief (Sonchou)
He is a self-proclaimed 620-year-old kappa who manages the homeless people living on the banks of the Arakawa River. There is a rule that in order to live on the riverbank, one must receive a name from the Village Chief, and he gives appropriate names based on the person’s appearance and vibe.

Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 1 “1 BRIDGE”

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