The Synopsis and Appeal of the Anime “Darker Than Black”



With the appearance of the impenetrable anomaly zone, “Hell’s Gate”, Tokyo lost its true “sky”. In response to this, individuals with special abilities emerged. As a price for gaining these abilities, their human-like emotions became diluted, and they coldly carried out even the act of killing. These individuals were referred to with fear as “Contractors”.

At first glance, the scenery of Tokyo seems unchanged. However, behind the scenes, intelligence agencies from various countries are waging a fierce espionage war over the mysteries hidden within the Gate, using Contractors.

The protagonist, Hei (Black), blends quietly into the city of Tokyo as a Chinese exchange student, Li Shenshun. But his other face is that of a Contractor, one who throws himself into the shadows of the fight. His ruthless execution of his missions has earned him the name BK201, “The Black Reaper”, and he is feared as a top-class agent of the organization.

The battles with enemy Contractors, sent by various intelligence agencies, who possess unpredictable abilities. The encounters and partings with women who have a sad past. The incidents caused by the “Contractors” are pursued by the Public Security Foreign Affairs Division 4 and others, and the struggle over the “Gate” intensifies.



A “Contractor” who carries out missions under orders from “the Organization”. He can become utterly ruthless for the sake of his mission. Normally, he blends into society as Li Shenshun, a timid Chinese exchange student.

A support member of Hei’s team. She is blind. Among Contractors, she is known as a “Doll”, and possesses no emotions at all.

The charm of this work

This work features humans with special abilities, known as “Contractors”.

Battles between Contractors unfold, and the quality of the battle scenes is so impressive that it’s hard to believe this anime was produced in 2007. The way the characters move, their expressions, and the depiction of their abilities would hold up even in today’s anime.

Furthermore, the abilities of the Contractors are all highly unique, so even those who have watched other ability battle anime can watch this with a fresh feeling.

If you like battle action or ability battles, this is definitely a work you can enjoy.

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