The Synopsis and Appeal of the Anime “El Cazador de la Bruja”



Ellis, a young girl being pursued on suspicion of the murder of physicist Heinz Schneider, has a large bounty placed on her for some reason in the underworld. Bounty hunter Nadie finds Ellis in a small town in Mexico, but due to a sudden turn of events, she ends up saving Ellis from other bounty hunters.

Ellis, trying to uncover the truth of the incident, was heading south to escape her pursuers. There, she believes, is her birthplace, her ‘hometown’. If she goes there, she should be able to understand her unknown past – that’s what Ellis believes.

However, the only clues are the Inca Rose gemstone, said to guide fate, and the mysterious word ‘Wiñay Marka’. Lost and confused, Ellis’s guide turns out to be Nadie, who was supposed to be pursuing her.

Thus begins the strange journey of a bounty head and a bounty hunter…



A girl who is wanted on suspicion of the murder of physicist Heinz Schneider. She has a large bounty placed on her in the underworld. She carries the DNA of a ‘witch’, said to have perished long ago, but her abilities are sporadic and incomplete. In order to verify the truth of the incident, she relies on faint memories to search for her hometown and heads south. In fact, she is an artificial life form created by the genetic engineering of the national project ‘Leviathan’.

A lone wolf female bounty hunter. A drifter. She cherishes her old .45 caliber Colt Government. Due to a sudden turn of events, she ends up heading south with Ellis. In fact, she has a contract with Blue Eyes, and her real purpose is to monitor and protect Ellis. However, once she learns the true nature of the project, she decides to break the contract and protect Ellis.

The charm of this work

This work is set in a fictional city with a Spanish flair, and its unique worldview, which uses Westerns and Spanish culture as motifs, has the power to draw in viewers. The background art, costumes, and music that support this worldview are meticulously crafted down to the details, enhancing the atmosphere of the work.

And the greatest charm is the cinematic direction that Bee Train excels at. There are many scenes with tension and intensity, and one of the highlights is the action scenes, such as the gunfights that Nadie skillfully uses, and the hand-to-hand combat scenes.

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