The Synopsis and Appeal of the Anime “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom”

ニトロプラス『Phantom 〜Requiem for the Phantom〜』ビィートレイン


In the dark underworld of America, a series of mafia executive assassinations are occurring one after another. Behind the scenes, whispers of the mysterious organization “Inferno” and rumors of the organization’s strongest assassin, “Phantom”, are spreading. A boy who had come to America alone on a trip gets caught up in the incident and accidentally encounters “Phantom”. The true identity of “Phantom” was a girl named Ein, who was no different in age from the boy!

Having his past erased and learning various techniques under “Phantom”, the boy gradually grows into the organization’s top assassin. However, in a violent and lawless world swirling with conspiracy, where will the pure love that sprouts unexpectedly lead…?


ニトロプラス『Phantom 〜Requiem for the Phantom〜
ニトロプラス『Phantom 〜Requiem for the Phantom〜

Zwei / Reiji Azuma
The protagonist of this work. An assassin affiliated with Inferno. He was an ordinary Japanese tourist, but he witnessed Ein killing a journalist and was about to be killed. However, when faced with the crisis of his own life, he demonstrated astonishing abilities, caught Scythe’s eye, and was made into an assassin.

Ein / Elen
An assassin affiliated with Inferno, and Zwei’s instructor. She holds the title of “Phantom”, which is given to the top assassin in Inferno. She spends her days calmly and unemotionally carrying out the tasks assigned to her. However, her emotionless aspect is a manifestation of her acceptance of her own fate and despair of escaping from her current circumstances.

The charm of this work

Throughout the entire series, the story progresses as a nearly authentic hard-boiled action suspense & love romance, based on the real world, without elements of science fiction or fantasy such as superpowers (magic) or future technology, except for the setting of the final chapter.

The theme is also about the recovery and salvation of human nature for those living in the underworld.

It’s an anime with a unique worldview that is not often seen in current works.

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