The Synopsis and Appeal of the Anime “WORKING!!”

高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures


At the family restaurant “Wagnaria” in Hokkaido, Souta Takanashi, who loves small things, is persuaded to work part-time by Popura Taneshima, who is short in stature. He ends up working while being surprised by his quirky coworkers, but Souta Takanashi himself is also quite eccentric. Although it sounds good to be individualistic, the staff, who all have their own quirks, are at the heart of Wagnaria’s operations.


高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures
高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures

Souta Takanashi
The protagonist of this work and in charge of the floor at Wagnaria. He is a 16-year-old high school freshman. He is a polite and serious boy, but he is a hardcore “minicon” (minicon complex: has a soft spot for small things) who loves small and soft things, even to the point of having an attachment to microorganisms.

Popura Taneshima
She is in charge of the floor at Wagnaria. She is a 17-year-old high school sophomore and attends the same high school as Souta, but they do not know each other at school. She is a mascot-like figure at Wagnaria and was hired solely because she fits the criteria of being a “healing” character.

高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures
高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures

Mahiru Inami
She is a 17-year-old high school sophomore and in charge of the floor at Wagnaria. She was hired because she was deemed to have potential when she broke a table during her interview. She has a quiet personality, but she has an extreme fear of men. If a man approaches or touches her, she will punch him without hesitation.

Yachiyo Todoroki
She is a 20-year-old part-timer at Wagnaria with the longest tenure and serves as the floor chief. She is a person of character and a hard worker who always keeps a smile on her face. However, she carries a sword on her waist because her family runs a cutlery shop.

高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures
高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures

Kyoko Shirafuji
She is the 28-year-old hired manager of Wagnaria. She can hardly do any work, and if she does something, it only causes trouble for the store, so she only does the only job she can do, which is working the cash register. Despite this, she is a big eater and is always eating the store’s food without permission.

Jun Satou
He is a 20-year-old university student in charge of the kitchen at Wagnaria. He is a heavy smoker. At first glance, he seems unfriendly and delinquent-like, but he is a sensible person and is nice to people, often helping with heavy work. He seems to be relatively popular with women due to his good looks, but he is shy and not good at customer service.

高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures
高津カリノ『WORKING!!』A-1 Pictures

Hiroomi Souma
He is in charge of the kitchen at “Wagnaria” and is 20 years old. His background is unknown because he is a secretive person. Even his close friends of the same age, Satou and Todoroki, do not know about his private life. At first glance, he is a good young man who always has a smile on his face, but in reality, he loves rumors and gossip. He holds most of the weaknesses and personal information of the staff, and often uses it as leverage to threaten them under the guise of “persuasion”. He is a suspicious character.

Aoi Yamada
She is in charge of the floor at “Wagnaria”, but she is treated as a trainee and Souta Takanashi is in charge of her training. She claims to be 16 years old and refers to herself as “Yamada”, but there is a high possibility that it is a pseudonym. She has taken up residence in the attic of Wagnaria.

The charm of this work

This work is an anime that progresses at a very brisk pace and can be watched casually.

In addition, all of the original opening songs are memorable, and just watching them makes you feel the fun. You can’t take your eyes off the love patterns of the characters as they gradually progress. Really little by little, but the way everyone walks with their thoughts in their hearts is brave, and you will want to cheer for them.

Also, it depicts the growth as a human being through part-time jobs, and it is not just an interesting anime. Thanks to the unique members, the part-time job scene always looks fun, and you can’t help but feel envious. In the end, each love comes to a conclusion, and everyone makes a decision to walk their own path. There will surely be something that will touch your heart at that time.

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