Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”



The setting is Japan during the Taisho era. In a world inhabited by demons that eat people, the main character, Tanjiro Kamado, makes a living by selling charcoal.

One day, when he returns to the mountains from work in town, he notices the smell of blood coming from around his house.

Tanjiro approaches the odor, feeling a bad feeling.

What he saw inside was his family, drowning in a pool of blood and dying.



Tanjiro Kamado
The protagonist of this work. He is the eldest son of the Kamado family, a lineage of charcoal makers, and a boy who cares deeply for his family. He is stubborn and rigid, sometimes acting out of sync due to his overly serious nature. His sense of smell is exceptionally sharp, to the point where he can even detect others’ emotions. This ability also functions as a power to sense the presence of enemies during combat, and after training, it became visualized as a “thread of openings”.

Nezuko Kamado
The heroine of this work. She is Tanjiro’s sister and the eldest daughter of the Kamado family. When she was human, she was a kind-hearted person who cared deeply for her family, was well-behaved, and never acted selfishly. One of her demon abilities is to expand and contract her height to some extent. Usually, she avoids sunlight, shrinks her body a little, and is carried by Tanjiro in a box on his back. However, during combat, she returns her body to its original size and mainly fights with kicks.


Zenitsu Agatsuma
A Demon Slayer swordsman who is in the same cohort as Tanjiro. He is a very timid boy with a strong tendency towards self-centered, negative, and backward thinking. His hearing is exceptionally good, and he can use this ability to read other people’s emotions. However, because he prioritizes believing what he wants to believe, he has been deceived many times.

Inosuke Hashibira
A Demon Slayer swordsman who is in the same cohort as Tanjiro. He wears a strange boar mask, but his bare face is feminine and very handsome. His sense of touch is exceptionally sharp, and by concentrating, he can even detect the slightest fluctuation in the air and perceive things without directly touching them.

The charm of this work

Demon Slayer may seem like a brutal anime at first, but in reality, there are many scenes that touch on human weakness.

Even among the humans who have become demons, there are complex relationships, and when a demon’s head is cut off, they remember their past as humans and often regret their past actions.

When they become demons and cause trouble for humans, they don’t realize it, but the scene where they regret their own path as they disappear from this world may be very human.

Also, Nezuko, who has become a demon, sometimes uses her demon power to help when Tanjiro is in a pinch. You can feel the kindness of Nezuko, who has not forgotten that she is a sibling, and it also expresses sibling love.

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