Introducing the synopsis and charm of the popular anime “Slam Dunk”

井上雄彦『SLAM DUNK』東映動画


Hanamichi Sakuragi is a man who, sadly, was rejected by 50 girls during his three years in middle school. One day, he is approached by a beautiful girl in the hallway who asks him, “Do you like basketball?” Sakuragi, who falls in love with this girl, Haruko, at first sight, responds without hesitation, “I love it!!”. From there, Sakuragi begins his basketball training.

Through practice and matches, he discovers the joy of the sport, his talent blossoms, and he grows into a genius player. Alongside his teammates from the Shohoku basketball team, he sets his sights on a national championship…


井上雄彦『SLAM DUNK』東映動画
井上雄彦『SLAM DUNK』東映動画

Hanamichi Sakuragi
The protagonist of this work. He is known for his red hair and was a delinquent in his hometown, known by everyone. However, his character is absurd, and he can be said to be far from a delinquent in essence. However, his fighting strength is considered the strongest among the characters in Slam Dunk, and most opponents are knocked down with a single headbutt. He started playing basketball just to be liked by Haruko Akagi, whom he fell in love with at first sight, but in the end, he comes to love basketball.

Rukawa Kaede
He is a character who is considered to be Hanamichi Sakuragi’s lifelong rival. He is quite popular with girls due to his looks and his appearance during play, but he himself has no interest at all. He has a major drawback of lacking stamina, but he is an all-round player who can handle all positions, equipped with power, speed, and height.

井上雄彦『SLAM DUNK』東映動画

Haruko Akagi
The heroine of this work. When she first saw Sakuragi, she was impressed by his physique and astonishing jumping ability, and she recruited him to the basketball team. She has a passion for basketball that is second to none, and she always comes to cheer for the Shohoku basketball team’s games.

The charm of this work

The charm of this work is, above all, the ‘numerous quotes that strike the heart’.

Quotes are a staple in manga and anime. The important lines that color each scene are crucial in highlighting the story, but the quotes in Slam Dunk are characterized by having many lines that resonate in life. If you have read Slam Dunk, you can remember the scene just by hearing the lines.

Because of the quality of the lines and content, it has been handed down for many years as a work that is engraved in history.

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