Introducing the popular Japanese anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”



Satoru Mikami, a 37-year-old virgin and a salaryman working for a major general contractor, dies one day after being stabbed by a random attacker while protecting his junior colleague at work.

Regaining consciousness in a pitch-dark place, Satoru realizes that he has reincarnated as a slime.

Although he was a bit dissatisfied with reincarnating into a monster considered the weakest, he explores his surroundings while learning about what’s happening to him from a mechanical voice he heard at the time of reincarnation.

Along the way, he was spoken to by someone and met a giant dragon named ‘Storm Dragon Veldora’.

Veldora is one of only four dragon species in this world, a considerably powerful monster, but it seems that he has been unable to leave the cave ever since he was sealed by a hero who reincarnated 300 years ago.

Despite being such a powerful Veldora, Satoru, knowing that he is a lonely and talkative person, proposes to Veldora to become friends, and as a proof of friendship, Veldora gives Satoru the name ‘Rimuru’.

Rimuru also gives Veldora the family name ‘Tempest’, and the two start to call themselves by the same family name.

‘Rimuru Tempest’ and ‘Veldora Tempest’

After naming each other and officially becoming friends, Rimuru, who is concerned about the sealed Veldora, decides to try a method to break the seal inside Rimuru’s body by activating his ability ‘Predator’ and accommodating the barrier along with it.

Promising to meet and talk again someday, Rimuru sets out on a journey.



Rimuru Tempest
After reincarnating, he first encountered a sentient creature in a cave, the Storm Dragon Veldora, and by exchanging names with him, he became a ‘Named Monster’. Also, by absorbing Shizu, a fellow countryman with whom he first formed a bond in the world after reincarnation, he gained the ability to mimic a human form. Although the appearance of his human body leans towards female, biologically he is asexual, and his mentality remains the same as his previous life, so his speech and other aspects are masculine.

Veldora Tempest
The youngest of the ‘Dragon Species’, known by the nickname ‘Storm Dragon’. Before being sealed, he was rampaging around the world, and socially, he was feared as a ‘Wicked Dragon’. He was supposed to disappear while still sealed in about 100 years, but he became Rimuru’s first friend in this world by naming Rimuru and exchanging surnames with him.

The charm of this work

This work is an anime that is mysterious yet easy to understand and watch.

Initially bewildered by his reincarnation as a slime, he eventually unifies and leads a village. The transformation into a reliable slime is captivating.

The battle scenes are intense, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be thrilled by every fight!

It’s an anime that makes you curious about what kind of life a human will lead after reincarnating as a slime, and you can’t help but want to watch more and more.

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