Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Macross Frontier”



In the year 2059, the ultra-long-distance immigrant fleet “Macross Frontier” carrying 10 million residents was on a voyage towards the center of the galaxy.

One day, top idol Sheryl Nome from the immigrant fleet “Macross Galaxy” sailing nearby visits Macross Frontier for a concert tour.

Alto Saotome, a high school student attending a pilot training course, decides to take part in air acrobatics for Cheryl’s concert production, and meets Ranka Lee, an ordinary high school girl who admires Cheryl.

However, while people are enthusiastic about Sheryl’s concert, a mysterious life form called “Vajra” attacks Macross Frontier from outer space.

The New Joint Forces, which fought back against the attacks of “Vajra” who were neither human nor alien, suffered damage one after another, but it was the private military provider S.M.S. that saved them from the crisis.

S.M.S, led by Ranka’s brother-in-law Ozma, fights to protect the frontier from Vajra using the latest Valkyrie (variable fighter) VF-25, which can fight on equal terms with Vajra.



Alto Saotome
He possesses a beauty that could be mistaken for that of a beautiful girl, leading his classmate, Michael Blanc, to nickname him “Princess Alto.” He harbors a strong complex about his feminine appearance and birth, and when mistaken for a woman, he reacts with reflexive anger. Although he often adopts a rebellious and aloof attitude, he has a strong sense of justice and an unwavering personality.

Sheryl Nome
During the Macross Frontier fleet’s visit to the final concert location of the galaxy-spanning tour, she meets Alto Saotome and Ranka Lee. She encourages Ranka’s dream of becoming a singer, and she develops interest and affection for Alto, who treats her naturally without special treatment.


Ranka Lee
She casually meets the protagonist, Alto Saotome, and their friendship deepens. She realizes she has feelings for Alto, who encouraged her dream of becoming a singer, but struggles to express it. As she grows closer to Alto, who also becomes intimate with Sheryl, she experiences complex emotions. 

The charm of this work

The highlight of this work is the battle between Valkyrie, who appears throughout the Macross series, and Vajra, the antagonist of this work.

Keep your eyes peeled for the intense and passionate battle scenes on the frontier and in outer space.

Also, the love triangle between the three main characters, Alto, Sheryl, and Ranka, is also a highlight.

And above all, the songs are amazing. You will be impressed not only by the opening and ending songs, but also by the famous songs inserted in various scenes.

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