Introducing the popular Japanese anime “True Tears”

La’cryma『true tears』P.A.WORKS


High school student “Shinichiro Nakagami”, who aspires to be a picture book author, lives with his parents and “Hiromi Yuasa”, who was taken in by the Nakagami family after losing her parents. Shinichiro’s mother was harsh on Hiromi for some reason.

One day, Shinichiro meets a girl named “Noe Ishiguro” in the school backyard, who climbed a tree and couldn’t get down. She says that she can no longer shed tears due to an incident that happened in the past.

The encounter with her brings about changes in Shinichiro’s relationships with Hiromi, his best friend “Miyokichi Nobuse”, and childhood friend “Aiko Ando”, as well as how he confronts himself. Each of them struggles with their own issues, searches for what they should do, and grows.


La’cryma『true tears』P.A.WORKS
La’cryma『true tears』P.A.WORKS

Shinichiro Nakagami
The protagonist of this work. He is conscious of Hiromi but cannot take the first step. He is bad at lying, but no one mentions it. What he is thinking immediately shows on his face.

Hiromi Yuasa
One of the heroines of this work. She belongs to the basketball club and, despite being a first-year student, she has the ability to be assigned the number 6. Her grades are good enough to compete for the top 1 or 2 in her grade, but she doesn’t show off about it. Therefore, her relationships with friends are good. She has a modest personality with a bit of a shadow.

La’cryma『true tears』P.A.WORKS
La’cryma『true tears』P.A.WORKS

Noe Isurugi
One of the heroines of this work. She is treated as an oddball by those around her due to the childishness and unpredictability seen in her actions and statements. She has a sharp insight that sees through to the depths of people’s hearts. From the contents of her lunch box and her behavior when exchanging side dishes with Hiromi, it seems that she prefers vegetables over things like sausages.

Aiko Ando
One of the heroines of this work. She is a bright and active girl. She attends Furushiro High School, which is different from Mugibata High School where Shinichiro and others go. She is self-conscious about her short height and is often teased by Shinichiro.

The charm of this work

This work is a touching anime that has received very high ratings among anime fans, and its genre is ‘Human Drama, Romance’.

It is a very realistic work, to the extent that you might think there could be people in the world who are in a situation like ‘true tears’… It’s a work that gives you the feeling of watching a live-action drama.

While ‘true tears’ progresses with realistic depictions and lacks ‘moe’ elements, it also has many beautiful depictions unique to anime that could never be shown in live-action. It’s a good work that shows us the unreal while being highly realistic.

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