Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Eden of The East”

神山健治『東のエデン』Production I.G


On Monday, November 22, 2010, an event known as “Careless Monday” occurred, where 10 missiles were launched into various parts of Japan.

However, this incident was quickly forgotten by people as there were no casualties.

Three months later, Morimi Saki, who was on a graduation trip to America, got involved in a certain trouble in front of the White House.

She was rescued from such a pinch by a naked Japanese man who had lost his memory.

The man, who called himself Takizawa Akira, had a strange mobile phone in his hand, which was a Noblesse mobile phone with a gun and 8.2 billion in electronic money.

It was part of the Seleção game, where 12 Japanese representatives were selected and named Seleção, and were given a Noblesse mobile phone.


神山健治『東のエデン』Production I.G
神山健治『東のエデン』Production I.G

Takizawa Akira
The protagonist of this work. He has a bright and positive personality, and there’s something endearing about him that makes anyone easily become his ally.

Morimi Saki
The heroine of this work. She is a modest girl who occasionally takes bold actions. She lost her parents in an accident and lives with her sister and brother-in-law, who run a bakery.

The charm of this work

The eccentric ideas and actions of the protagonist, Akira Takizawa, draw in the viewer. At first glance, he seems reckless, but his actions are always accompanied by reason, and he is never a thoughtless man, which is part of his charm.
In the work, he sometimes explains his unusual actions himself, but even in scenes without explanation, he takes the best action for each situation. His ability to solve things smartly and quietly reach out to people in trouble is truly like a modern prince.

Then, several people called “Seleção”, the same as Takizawa, appear. They are given a magical mobile phone, the “Noblesse mobile”, which fulfills their wishes as long as they are physically possible, in exchange for undertaking the mission to guide Japan in the right direction from a person calling himself “Mr. Outside”.
The competition for Japan’s transformation by these people is named the “Seleção Game”, and the Seleção, who have different circumstances and personalities, will run around trying to change Japan in their own ways. From the early stages, the influence of the Seleção is fully reflected in the world of the work, and when you watch it again while recalling what they did, you can discover a deep meaning in a cut that you didn’t care about at first.

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