Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Tokyo Ghoul”



In a Tokyo infested with unidentified ghouls who blend into human society and devour humans.

The main character, a university student named Ken Kaneki, is attacked and nearly killed by a female ghoul, Rize Kamishiro.

However, he narrowly escapes being eaten when a steel beam from a construction site falls on Rize.

But during the surgery, organs from Rize, who is a ghoul, are transplanted into him, transforming Kaneki into a half-ghoul.

From that point on, Kaneki’s days are filled with torment and fear.


Ken Kaneki
His hobby is reading, and he has a kind and introverted personality. When he first became a half-ghoul, he was helpless against unilateral violence. However, he has a strong conviction and possesses the strength to never neglect effort in order to achieve that conviction.

Touka Kirishima
She is the heroine of this work and a high school student. She works part-time at a cafe and is Kaneki’s senior staff member. On the surface, she has a curt attitude and behavior, but she is kind-hearted. On the other hand, she is emotional and has a side that does not hesitate to kill humans.

The charm of this work

This is not simply a story about the battle between opposing races.

Humans and ghouls each have things they want to protect and feelings they hold dear, and they fight for these reasons.

Although it’s a story with a battle theme, it’s incredibly deep and thought-provoking.

Ghouls, who have no choice but to eat humans in order to survive, and investigators, who hunt ghouls to protect themselves.

One of the highlights is seeing how Kaneki, who understands the sentiments of both sides, grows.

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