Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Rozen Maiden”



Jun Sakurada’s hobby is to enjoy the thrill of cooling off items he bought online just before the deadline.

Despite his sister Nori’s worries, Jun was devoted to this dark hobby today as well. Then one day, a package he doesn’t remember ordering arrives.

What appears from inside is an intricately crafted antique doll that seems to be alive. Jun, out of curiosity, winds up the screw of this girl doll and is faced with an astonishing fact. Unbelievably, this doll starts moving on its own and even slaps him!



Jun Sakurada
The protagonist of this work. He is the contractor of Shinku. He is a second-year middle school student who is a school refuser and a shut-in. He wears large glasses. He is good at sewing, and by fixing broken dolls, he can bring back the souls of lost dolls. He has the skills of a maestro (a craftsman of divine skill), such as reassembling parts of Rozen Maiden.

The main character from the doll’s side. She is the fifth doll in the “Rozen Maiden” series. A doll with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a red dress. She has high pride and is strict about tea and manners. She values the bond with her contractor. She confronts the Alice Game in “her own way”. She is the catalyst for Jun opening his heart.

The charm of this work

This is a growth story where antique dolls face a sorrowful battle royale and a shut-in boy confronts his trauma. Although it may seem like a serious work when written like this, this anime surprisingly focuses on everyday life.

The meaning of the phrase “the characters stand out” can be easily understood by watching this work. It has an outstanding level of completion even as a daily life work. There are five dolls appearing, but all of them have wonderfully crafted characters that are hard to rank. The stage background of the doll series’ numbers battle is also irresistible for those who love settings.

Please find your favorite doll by all means.

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