Introducing the popular Japanese anime “The Promised Neverland”



The “Grace Field House” orphanage, where various orphans gather, was a place where siblings with no blood relation lived happily under the care of the orphanage’s sister, Isabella. Here, children who were entrusted as babies were raised through special studies and tests, and the orphans were taught that they would be sent to foster parents between the ages of 6 and 12.

Connie, who was said to have found a foster parent and was going to go out into the outside world, left her doll behind. Emma, the protagonist with excellent physical abilities, and Norman, who excels in strategy, deliver it. However, the two witness the moment when Connie is shipped as meat at the “gate” where they were forbidden to approach. From there, the two, who learned of the existence of “demons”, start a plan to escape from the orphanage.



The protagonist of this work. An 11-year-old girl. Compared to Norman and Ray, she has a considerably optimistic and positive personality. She often scores full marks in daily tests and has high physical abilities, but she wants to catch up with the excellent Norman and Ray.

One of the oldest orphans. An 11-year-old boy. He always scores full marks on tests and is a tactician. He becomes the de facto leader regarding the escape. Among the children, he is the most rational and excels in psychological tactics.


One of the oldest orphans. An 11-year-old boy. He is a realist and often scores full marks on tests, and is a well-read scholar. In fact, he doesn’t particularly like studying or reading, but he persevered in studying and reading to maximize his own value.

The charm of this work

From the starting point of being “edible children born to be eaten by demons”, they are always targeted in an extreme adversity.

In particular, Emma, Norman, and Ray are the demons’ special delicacy, and there are many scenes where they are exposed to danger.

They gradually find a glimmer of hope to survive and move forward, but it is a work where you can’t let your guard down for a moment, as there are sudden developments that betray expectations.

Why were they born in such an environment, who is the enemy and who is the ally, the story progresses without knowing, and the mystery is gradually unraveled.

You can’t help but be curious about what happens next. It has an irresistible charm.

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