Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “The Prince of Tennis”



Ryoma Echizen, a prodigious tennis boy, has a record of four consecutive victories in Jr tournaments across various states in America. Ryoma, who has returned from America, enrolls in the prestigious tennis school, “Seishun Academy Middle School”. He joins the Seishun Academy Tennis Club, which aims for national domination, and becomes a regular player in his first year. This is a story of Ryoma’s growth through various matches against rival schools, rivals, and sometimes with his teammates.



Ryoma Echizen
The protagonist of this work. He has a sharp gaze and tends to be seen as cheeky because he speaks straight without fearing anything. At first glance, he may seem cool and cold, but he has a passionate side within him. His outstanding tennis sense is a gift from daily matches with his father, known as “Samurai Nanjiro”.

Sakuno Ryuzaki
The heroine of this work. She is a female student characterized by her long braids that reach her thighs. She was helped by Ryoma, who was on the same train when a man picked a fight with her. After witnessing his tennis skills, she developed an admiration for him and joined the Seishun Academy Girls’ Tennis Club.

The charm of this work

1. Brilliant Tennis Techniques
The charm of this work lies in the brilliant and imaginative tennis techniques unleashed by the prodigious young tennis players. Not only does it feature basic shots such as serves, smashes, and volleys, but it also showcases techniques that utilize supernatural abilities.

2. Passionate Friendships and Rivalries
“The Prince of Tennis” captivates with the heated battles that the prodigious young tennis players engage in with their rivals. These battles are not just about winning or losing, but also tell stories of friendship and growth.

3. Characters Rich in Personality
“The Prince of Tennis” features a multitude of characters rich in personality. Starting with the protagonist, Ryoma Echizen, the rivals are also characters with unique personalities. The activities and growth of these characters are also one of the charms of this work.

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