Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Kekkaishi”



Yoshimori Sumimura, the legitimate successor born into a family of Kekkaishi, experts in exterminating Ayakashi (monsters), which has been ongoing for 400 years. Tokine Yukimura, who lives next door, is also a Kekkaishi like Yoshimori, but the two families are at odds. The land that Yoshimori and Tokine protect is Karasumori, which attracts Ayakashi and enhances their power. When night falls, they use barrier techniques to exterminate the Ayakashi that gather at the private Karasumori Academy built on the land of Karasumori. Yoshimori regrets that he once made a mistake, and Tokine was seriously injured protecting him from an Ayakashi attack. He swears to become stronger so that Tokine and the people around him will never be hurt again.



Yoshimori Sumimura
The protagonist of this work. His hobby is making sweets, and his favorite food is coffee milk. He is always napping at school except during lunch. As a practitioner, he is the opposite of Tokine in terms of technique, but he has more than enough power and explosiveness to compensate for it.

Tokine Yukimura
The heroine of this work. She is an honor student with excellent grades. She is popular among boys because of her beautiful appearance. Although her power and endurance in barrier techniques do not match Yoshimori’s, she excels in precise operation and control of power.

The charm of this work

Highlight 1: “Charming Characters” 
The protagonist, Yoshimori, is an honest and kind-hearted boy. His growth as a legitimate successor is cool, and it’s easy to empathize with him as you read.

His childhood friend, Tokine, supports Yoshimori as a Kekkaishi from a heroine-like position.

In addition, the appearance of unique characters such as Yoshimori’s brother and friends quickly draws you into the world view.

Highlight 2: “Ability-Based Battles” 
Kekkaishi use barrier techniques to control space.

Intense battles unfold with various barrier techniques, such as thread-like barriers that capture opponents and barriers that repel opponents’ attacks.

Highlight 3: “The Mystery of Karasumori, the Land Where Ayakashi Gather” 
In Kekkaishi, the story progresses on the mysterious land called Karasumori.

Karasumori has strong spiritual energy, has a mysterious power that attracts Ayakashi and strengthens them in a short time, and is a land where Ayakashi gather.

Yoshimori and his friends aim to seal it while confronting the mystery of Karasumori and powerful enemies.

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