Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Inuyasya”



Kagome Higurashi, a junior high school student and the daughter of a shrine, time travels to the Sengoku period through the Bone-Eater’s Well one day.

There, she encounters Inuyasha, a half-demon boy who was sealed in the Sacred Tree.

500 years ago, Kikyo, a priestess, sealed Inuyasha who had attacked the village and stolen the Shikon Jewel.

Inuyasha and Kikyo, who were once lovers, unknowingly fell into Naraku’s trap, hated each other, and killed each other.

Kikyo, in order to remove the Shikon Jewel, which has the power to grant any ambition, from this world, tells her younger sister, Kaede, to burn it with her remains.

However, Kikyo’s feelings for Inuyasha are transmitted to the Shikon Jewel, and the Shikon Jewel reappears from the body of Kagome, who is the reincarnation of Kikyo.

In a battle with evil demons, the jewel shatters, and Inuyasha and Kagome set out on a journey to collect the fragments of the Shikon Jewel.



The protagonist of this work. He is a half-demon born between a demon and a human. His father was a great dog demon who had his stronghold in the western country, and his mother was a human from a fallen noble family. He is a roughneck who always uses a rough tone, but he is kind and conscientious at heart. Due to his inherently combative nature, he is ruthless towards those he considers enemies and does not show mercy, even when he has to cut them down. On the other hand, if the opponent begs for their life or apologizes, he will spare them without delivering the final blow, and he will hold back against humans, showing that he dislikes unnecessary killing.

Kagome Higurashi
The heroine of this work. She quickly adapts to the Sengoku period and is not easily frightened, even when faced with ferocious demons, showing her courage. However, she is not good with insects like earthworms. She loves cute things and is weak to flattery, easily swayed when praised. She is bright and active. Although her strong spirit is prominent, she is a girl with deep compassion.


He is Inuyasha’s half-brother. Unlike Inuyasha, he is a full demon who strongly inherits the blood of his parents, who are great demons. He has an absolute confidence in his own power, and thus, he has no interest in the Shikon Jewel. His personality is proud and calm. He shows a strong commitment to the pride of his father, who is a great demon, and looks down on half-demons and humans because he values the bloodline of his clan.

He is the arch-enemy of Inuyasha and his group. He is a half-demon, a collective of numerous demons that have fused and transformed after consuming a human bandit named Onigumo, who had a despicable heart. He has a dense miasma, and his entire body is a mass of poison, making it difficult for opponents to attack carelessly. Even if his body is injured by physical attacks, he does not suffer significant damage due to his regenerative ability as a collective of demons, and only holy spiritual power with the ability to purify poses a threat to him.

The charm of this work

Highlights of the Story

This work has numerous highlights. The powerful scenes where Inuyasha and his group fight enemies, the fate of the love triangle between ‘Inuyasha’, ‘Kagome’, and ‘Kikyo’, and the relationship between ‘Miroku’ and ‘Sango’ are all very intriguing.

Recommended Scenes

Among the many captivating scenes in Inuyasha, the ones we highly recommend involve Inuyasha and Kagome meeting new companions and embarking on a journey together. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo each have their own stories leading up to their encounters with Inuyasha and his group.

Relatable Moments

There are plenty of scenes where you can empathize with the characters. The feelings of Sango for her younger brother, the feelings of Shippo for his parents, and the feelings of Miroku contemplating his own way of life – all of these are deeply moving.

Confrontation of Brothers

Another spectacle is the scene where Inuyasha confronts his brother ‘Sesshomaru’. Despite having the same demon father, the elder brother is a demon, while the younger brother is a half-demon. The difference in power, the direction of their thoughts, and various other differences are overcome as they cross swords multiple times, eventually leading to mutual recognition. This process is also worth paying attention to.

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