Introducing the synopsis and charm of the popular anime “Detective School Q”



Kyuu, a junior high school third-year boy who decided to become a detective, admiring the detective who saved him from a kidnapping incident when he was young.

Kyuu, who enrolled in the ‘Dan Detective School’ where the legendary detective, Dan Morihiko, serves as the school principal, together with his four unique friends gathered in the special class ‘Q Class’, uses their individual abilities to unravel the mysteries of difficult cases one after another!



The protagonist of this work. He is not good at school studies at all, but his reasoning power is high, especially his flexibility of thought and sharpness of observation are outstanding. He was kidnapped when he was young, and he admired the detective uncle who helped him at that time, so he aspired to be a detective and entered a detective training school. His dream is to become the ‘world’s best detective’.

Megumi Minami
The heroine of this work. She has the ability of ‘instantaneous memory’, where she never forgets anything she has seen or heard once. At the age of 3, she contributed to the resolution of a murder case as a witness, and at the age of 4, she witnessed the perpetrator of a series of bank attacks, contributing to their arrest. Because of these contributions, she was awarded the youngest ever Commissioner General’s Special Award.


Ryu Amakusa
A genius who excels in various fields such as academics, martial arts, and sports. After graduating from a private elementary school in Japan, he studied abroad in the United States, where he graduated from both junior high school and high school in one year through grade skipping. He holds the qualification to enter a university in the United States.

The charm of this work

This work mainly features short murder cases, and in between the next murder cases, it incorporates major storylines such as ‘the mystery of Kyuu and Ryu’s birth and the drama of their bonds’ and ‘human relationships and spy disturbances within the Detective School’.

Therefore, it is not only enjoyable as a short story but also as a long comic.

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