Introducing the recommended Japanese anime Neon “DEATH NOTE”



One day, talented high school student Light Yagami picks up a strange black notebook on the grounds of the high school he attends.

It was a Death Note dropped by Ryuk, the god of death, and “the person whose name is written on it dies.”

After gaining ownership of the notebook, Light is able to see Ryuk, understands the rules imposed on the notebook, and tests notebook abilities through various tests.

Then, in order to execute the “justice” he believes in and create a new world without criminals, he writes down the names of criminals from all over the world in a notebook and kills them.



Light Yagami
A high school student with a bright mind, excellent grades, and good looks. He has a distorted sense of justice, believing that what he likes is “justice” and what he dislikes is “evil.”

A grim reaper whose face is demonic and whose color is based on black. Although he is a very lazy Shinigami, he is interested in humans. Also, because he is tired of the boring life of a Shinigami, he enjoys deliberately dropping the Death Note into the human world and seeing what happens.


A genius who has a brain that can solve cases that the police cannot solve. He has the power to move even the FBI. While he is a genius, he is uncoordinated, has a strange appearance, and loves sweets. He ends up investigating the suspicious deaths that Light causes in the shadows.

Misa Amane
A popular model who works in teen magazines. She became interested in Kira because the culprit, who was the enemy of her murdered parents, was sanctioned by the Kira incident, and she approached Light. She is also the only one who has a childish way of thinking in “Death Note”, which has many characters with excellent minds.

The charm of this work

It is a suspense anime that deals with heavy themes such as “humans judging humans.”
The highlight is the breathtaking battle of brains.
The characters have strong individuality, the drawings are excellent, and the expressions are diverse and give a great sense of realism.
Even though the main character is clearly evil and his rival is clearly righteous, it is strange to find ourselves rooting for evil.

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