Introducing the popular Japanese anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun”



A huge “academic city” located in western Tokyo, with a population of 2.3 million people and an area one-third the size of the capital.

There, a supernatural power development experiment is conducted for all students, and all students are divided into six levels from level 0 (incompetent) to level 5 (psychic), and they develop various abilities.

Mikoto Misaka, one of only seven Level 5 students in Academy City and nicknamed “Railgun” due to her ability to manipulate electricity, is a 14-year-old student at Tokiwadai Junior High School, a prestigious school for young ladies.

While enjoying a peaceful life together with Kuroko Shirai, her junior and member of the Judgment Committee, and her colleague Kazari Uiharu, they become involved in various incidents that occur behind the scenes in Academy City.



Mikoto Misaka
A middle school girl living in Academy City. She is the third-ranked esper in Academy City. Her ability is known as the ‘Railgun.’ She has a refreshing and spirited personality. While she interacts with everyone in a straightforward and impulsive manner, she maintains good judgment. Among the Level 5 personalities, she stands out as the only sensible and level-headed individual.

Kuroko Shirai
She is Misaka Mikoto’s junior and roommate. Admiring Mikoto for being ‘too kind,’ she affectionately refers to her as ‘big sister.’ She playfully calls herself Mikoto’s ‘stalker.’ While they fight together as partners, Mikoto also acknowledges her as a friend. However, her romantic advances, based on her feelings, earn her the label of a ‘pervert.’ To make matters more intense.


Kazari Uiharu
As a member of the ‘Judgment’ organization, specifically the 177th branch, she serves as an operator. She has known Kuroko since elementary school when they both served as ‘Judgment’ members. Her primary role involves information gathering and communication support for Kuroko and others. Additionally, she is an exceptional genius hacker, earning her the nickname ‘Guardian’ among fellow hackers and close acquaintances.

Ruiko Saten
She is a classmate and close friend of Uiharu Kazari. With long black hair adorned by a hair accessory resembling a white plum blossom, she spends a lot of private time with her dear friend Uiharu. As a daily ritual, she playfully lifts Uiharu’s skirt as a form of greeting. She also met Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko through her interactions with Uiharu, and she regards Mikoto with admiration.

The charm of this work

The charm of this work lies primarily in its spectacular superpower battles.

Misaka Mikoto’s extraordinary electric abilities are incredibly exhilarating.

Additionally, throughout the series, there is a contrast between the protagonist, Misaka Mikoto, who is blessed with talent as an “esper” (someone with supernatural abilities), and those deemed “powerless” due to their lack of such abilities.

There are numerous scenes that prompt contemplation about talent.

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