Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Last Exile”



The story is set on an hourglass-shaped artificial planet, Prestale.

The world was divided into three powers: the two great nations of ‘Anatore’ and ‘Dusis’, and the ‘Guild’ that manages Prestale.

Klaus and Lavi, using the small airship ‘Vanship’ left by their father, dream of crossing the ‘Grand Stream’, a great storm that separates the two countries, while running their ‘sky courier’ business and working on their aircraft every day.

One day, they take over the request to deliver the mysterious girl Alvis to the airborne battleship Silvana, and they are swept up in a world-shaking battle.



Claus Valca
The protagonist of this work. He is 15 years old. He has low blood pressure and is weak in the morning, often being called a “sleepyhead” by Lavie. He is usually laid-back, but he is diligent in his work with the vanship, showing a character that gets things done when needed. While dreaming of crossing the Grand Stream, a feat his father could not accomplish, he was going about his daily work. However, by taking over the mission to deliver Alvis to the Silvana, he becomes involved in the world’s major events.

Lavie Head
She is Claus’s navigator and childhood friend. She is 15 years old. She is always energetic and pulls along the laid-back Claus. Because Claus and Lavie’s fathers had a pilot and navigator relationship, Claus and Lavie naturally fell into the same roles. Like Claus, she dreams of crossing the Grand Stream.


Alvis E. Hamilton
She is the daughter of the Hamilton family, one of the four major families of the Guild. She is 11 years old and is affectionately known as “Al”. After being expelled from the Guild, she lived quietly in a forest in Anatoray with her nurse and butler. She is shy and doesn’t talk much, appearing younger than her actual age. However, after meeting Claus and Lavie, she became brighter and sometimes showed unexpected initiative.

The charm of this work

“Last Exile” is a work characterized by its beautiful visuals.

One reason for this feeling is that it is drawn in detail down to the smallest parts. But what stands out even more is the subdued brightness.

This work is a story of airship (vanship) riders. Naturally, there are many scenes where they fly in the sky, but the light is deliberately dimmed to make the screen dark.

Furthermore, screens that look like they have a thin film over the entire thing are often used. This is also one effect of suppressing the light.

What is created in this way is the atmosphere of a room lit by indirect lighting.

You can feel an atmosphere like a stylish bar from the visuals of “Last Exile”.

The airplanes in this work are different from reality, they gain buoyancy not by using fossil fuel internal combustion engines, but by a device called a “Claudia engine”.

Perhaps because of that, the design of the vanship is also different from reality.

It has no wings, and the streamlined body is emphasized in a simpler shape, but this is also beautiful.

The vanship is drawn using 3DCG, which contributes to the effect of bringing out the texture of the inorganic vanship.

The beauty of this vanship can also be said to be one of the reasons why you can feel elegance from “Last Exile”.

In addition, the sense of speed in the flight scenes is also one of the highlights of the work “Last Exile”.

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