Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Fire Force”

大久保篤『炎炎ノ消防隊』david production


Year 198 of the solar calendar, Tokyo Empire. People live in fear of the unexplained “human combustion phenomenon,” the fate of its victims, and the threat of the flame monster “Homurabito.”

Shinra, a new member of the special fire brigade fighting against the “Homurabito”, is a young boy with the fire-starting ability known as the Devil’s Footprints, and is assigned to the 8th Special Fire Brigade led by Battalion Commander Oubi.

On the first night of his assignment, an alarm suddenly rings out at the 8th Special Fire Department. Appearance of “Homurabito”.

Shinra’s first mission finally begins.


大久保篤『炎炎ノ消防隊』david production
大久保篤『炎炎ノ消防隊』david production

Shinra Kusakabe
The protagonist of this work. He is a third-generation ability user who can emit flames from his feet and apply them broadly for attack, defense, and movement. Due to his belief that “heroes fight with kicks”, he uses kicks enveloped in flames as his main weapon. He is a user of the special flame “Adolla Burst”, which holds the key to the story, and is referred to as the “Fourth Pillar” by the evangelist faction. From a young age, he has admired the image of a hero, but 12 years ago, he lost his mother and newborn brother in a sudden fire. Because he was an ability user who could emit flames from his feet, he was persecuted by those around him, as the fire was believed to have been caused by the flames he emitted from his own body.

Oubi Akitaru
The battalion commander of the 8th Special Fire Brigade, he comes from a background as a regular firefighter. Because he is a non-powered individual, he uses his muscular body, physical strength, and equipped gear to carry out firefighting and rescue activities. He loves weight training and is always working out whenever he has free time. The equipment needed for deployment exceeds 30 kg. He is caring and has a bright personality, often taking Shinra and the others out for meals and cracking jokes. On the other hand, at fire scenes, he goes back to retrieve family photos left behind for the bereaved families, and sternly admonishes Shinra, who tries to enter the scene with a weapon in hand, not to show his weapon in front of the bereaved families. He shows a side of himself that is more considerate of the bereaved and victims than anyone else.

The charm of this work

The charm of this work is that from the beginning, the setting of “a fire brigade defeating flame monsters” is established, so you can enjoy it casually.

It can be bothersome to watch anime with difficult settings or themes, right?

With “Fire Force”, you understand the purpose and story in the first 1-2 episodes, so you’ll probably think, “Ah, this is an interesting one,” and you’ll likely become more and more curious about what happens next.

Not only at the beginning, but also towards the end, there are shocking truths and unexpected developments, which make it interesting as well.

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