Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Assassination Classroom”



One day, 70% of the moon suddenly exploded and turned into a permanent crescent moon.

A mysterious creature claiming to be the “culprit” who caused it declared that he would “explode the Earth next March.”

He then says that he will be the homeroom teacher for 3rd grade class E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

The leaders of each country had no choice but to agree to the terms of this “super creature” with abilities that transcended humans that even the military could not match, and entrusted it to the students of Class 3 E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

Thus begins Nagisa and his friends’ ordinary but extraordinary assassination life.



The protagonist of this work. He declared that he had blown up 70% of the moon, leaving it in a constant crescent state, and that he would “blow up the Earth in one year”. He is the assassination target of Class 3-E. Usually, he speaks in a polite but disrespectful tone, and generally treats the students of Class E with a polite attitude, showing consideration for each one. However, he becomes furious when someone behaves inappropriately. He also shows intense anger towards those who harm his students, and if necessary, he uses his tentacles to punish them.

Nagisa Shiota
The narrator of this work and the de facto protagonist. While his physical and combat abilities are not high, he excels in assassination skills such as “the ability to hide his murderous intent and approach the target with natural body movements”, and “the ability to intimidate opponents with murderous intent”.

The charm of this work

This work depicts the students’ growth as they devise various strategies and experience failures in their attempts to assassinate Koro-sensei.

In addition, elements of human drama, such as Koro-sensei’s past and the students’ family relationships, are incorporated, captivating the readers.

Furthermore, this work is filled with mysteries and foreshadowing that keep the readers engaged until the end, such as the true identity of Koro-sensei and the outcome of the students’ assassination plans.

The story of “Assassination Classroom” is a highly entertaining work where various elements such as action, comedy, and emotion are well-balanced and fused together.

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