Introducing the popular Japanese anime “BLACK LAGOON”

広江礼威『BLACK LAGOON』マッドハウス


Rokuro Okajima, an employee of Asahi Heavy Industries, is kidnapped by the Lagoon Company, a pirate-like courier service, in the South China Sea during a business trip.

However, his boss, Kageyama, abandons Rokuro for his own safety and the company’s sake. Rokuro, who has lost his place to return and is plunged into the depths of despair.

Then, mercenaries sent by Asahi Heavy Industries, who are planning to erase him and the top-secret disk he holds, appear and corner the merchant ship Rokuro is on.

At the end of his panic, Rokuro comes up with a brilliant idea and, together with the members of the Lagoon Company, takes a once-in-a-lifetime gamble and successfully annihilates the mercenaries.

Afterwards, Rokuro declares to Kageyama, who appears with an innocent face, “I have no intention of returning to Japan.”


広江礼威『BLACK LAGOON』マッドハウス
広江礼威『BLACK LAGOON』マッドハウス

The heroine of this work. She is the assault team leader of the Lagoon Company. Known as a wielder of two handguns, she has the nickname “Two Hands”. She is known for her high basic physical abilities, such as lightly jumping to avoid an opponent’s gunfire. She has one of the top combat abilities in the work and is a famous and feared person in Roanapur. Her personality is tomboyish and violent, and she has no hesitation in killing people, on the contrary, she thrives in dangerous situations.

The protagonist of this work. He is a gentle young man who grew up in a typical Japanese family and was a salaryman. He can’t use firearms at all, and his physical abilities are average, but he has a quick mind, with a wealth of knowledge and language skills gained during his time as a salaryman. Although he usually appears unreliable and is a sensible person, he is calm and composed in a crisis.

広江礼威『BLACK LAGOON』マッドハウス
広江礼威『BLACK LAGOON』マッドハウス

The boss of the Lagoon Company. Despite his appearance, he is always calm and composed, quick-witted, and often shows an intellectual side with his witty remarks. In his work, he mainly operates the “Black Lagoon” in addition to his role as a boss, but he also handles firearms and excels in rough work, such as coordinating with Revy.

A top executive of Hotel Moscow and the head of the Thai branch. In addition to her face, she has several large burn scars on her neck, chest, and arms from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and is known to her adversaries as “Scarface”. She is a belligerent and ruthless realist, and is one of the most feared people in Roanapur.

The charm of this work

The members of the Lagoon Company and the characters around them are very unique and enjoyable to watch.

Almost all of the characters that appear are villains, but each character has their own beliefs and justice, which is expressed as their individuality.

Also, each character has distinct features, so even though there are many characters, it is not difficult to understand who is who. Although it is a gun action genre, it is filled with plenty of entertainment elements, and you don’t feel much heaviness or darkness throughout the work.

The balance between reality and entertainment is exquisite, making it a work that anyone can enjoy.

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