Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Yu Yu Hakusho”



Yusuke Urameshi, a troublemaker in the region, dies one day in a traffic accident trying to save a small child. However, his life did not end there.

He was resurrected in this world again, receiving a mission from the spirit world to capture demons lurking in the human world.

The resurrected Yusuke cooperates with his friend Kuwabara and Kurama and Hiei, whom he met through his mission, to defeat the strong enemies that appear one after another.

As the story deepens with the battle that gradually intensifies while changing the stage to the human world, the spirit world, and the demon world, the story deepens.



Yusuke Urameshi
The protagonist of this work. Despite being a minor, he smokes, drinks, plays pachinko, and gambles, and is a delinquent boy who also commits crimes such as shoplifting, bullying, and molestation, with a history of being taken into custody. However, at his core, he has a strong sense of justice, takes care of weak people and those who work hard, and stands up for himself when his friends are hurt or against villains.

Kazuma Kuwabara
He is self-proclaimed as Yusuke Urameshi’s eternal rival and the mood maker of the Urameshi team. He is quick to get heated and quick to fight, but he hates crime very much. He is a character who is more caring about his friends than anyone else and is vulnerable to emotions, and is also admired by his delinquent friends.


A demon fox that has evolved from a fox that has lived for hundreds of years, and is a famous treasure specialist thief in the demon world.15 years ago, he was critically injured by a hunter in the spirit world and fled to the human world in a spiritual state. He was so severely injured that he couldn’t even disguise himself as a human, so he possessed and fused with the fetus that Shihori Minamino was pregnant with, and was reborn as Shuichi Minamino.

A comrade of Yusuke Urameshi. Originally a thief who made a name for himself in the demon world. He has a third eye, the Jagan, which he acquired later in life on his forehead, and uses flame demon techniques and swordsmanship, including martial arts. He is arrogant and cold, and has a personality that does not involve others, but there are times when he shows care and kindness, albeit bluntly.

The charm of this work

The charm of this work lies in its unique worldview. It consists of three worlds: the human world where Yusuke, Kuwabara, and others live, the demon world where Kurama and Hiei live, and the spirit world where Yusuke was transported after dying and becoming a spirit. Even humans with spiritual sensitivity and superpowers use energy known as spiritual power and demon power to perform various techniques and engage in combat. Each has unique and powerful techniques, and the battles that unfold are full of intensity and very attractive.

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