Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Lucky Star”



The story is set at Ryouou High School. The main characters are Konata Izumi, a petite otaku high school girl who loves games, anime, and manga, and is characterized by her long blue hair. Her friend is Tsukasa Hiiragi, a laid-back and kind girl with a bit of a natural personality. Tsukasa’s twin sister is Kagami Hiiragi, who is realistic and has a tsundere attribute. There is also Miyuki Takara, a beautiful and knowledgeable girl who wears glasses and is a bit of a natural. The story depicts the everyday life of these four girls and the people around them, which could happen anywhere.



Konata Izumi
The protagonist of this work. Although she doesn’t like it, her strong subject is physical education, and she is weak in all science subjects. She is not good at studying and leaves almost all textbooks at school. She often copies Kagami’s notes for homework, and usually crams the night before tests to get through them.

Kagami Hiiragi
Tsukasa’s twin sister. Her strong subject is English. She is a hard worker and can be a bit showy. Her weak subject is home economics, and she is not very good at cooking. Although she denies it, she is often treated as a tsundere character by Konata.


Tsukasa Hiiragi
Kagami’s twin sister. She is somewhat weak in both studies and sports, but she excels in cooking in general, such as making sweets, and cooking and housework are her hobbies. Her personality is gentle and cute, and she is a natural character.

Miyuki Takara
A rich young lady. She doesn’t particularly excel or struggle in any subject. She is beautiful, academically excellent, well-behaved, and excels in both literary and martial arts. Her personality is gentle, which makes her prone to blunders. However, according to Konata, this is not a flaw but a “moe” element.

The charm of this work

Recently, “slice of life anime” is broadcasted every season. The work that ignited its popularity is this work, “Lucky Star”. The highlight of this work is the four heroines with rich personalities. Since basically nothing happens in the story, you will be watching their interactions all the time. But isn’t it interesting that “Lucky Star” is so interesting even though nothing happens? That’s because the four heroines are just too cute. Their cuteness was so great that factions of fans were formed for each character at the time. Honestly, all four of them are so cute that it’s hard to choose a favorite.

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