Introducing the popular Japanese anime “K-ON”



In spring, when new students decide on their clubs.

Ritsu Tainaka, a high school girl with a lively personality, takes her childhood friend and best friend, Mio Akiyama, to see her light music club.

However, the club room is an empty shell. Due to the graduation of the seniors who had been supporting the club, the number of members was reduced to zero.

The club was in danger of being disbanded if there were no more than four members, but he succeeded in welcoming Tsumugi Kotobuki, a classmate of hers with a gentle personality.

As the girls search for the one remaini ng person, Yui Hirasawa comes to see them, mistaking the light sounds for “light music” such as whistling.



Yui Hirasawa
She has a naturally clumsy personality. She is usually laid-back and warm-hearted, but she can also be sensitive when it comes to her own tastes and preferences. On the one hand, she shows her emotions easily, but on the other hand, she is also pretentious, and she is also indecisive.

Mio Akiyama
While he is extremely shy, he is also lonely. She has a sensitive personality and doesn’t like painful or scary topics. When he was in elementary school, he was shy, had few friends, and only read books. After meeting Ritsu, his shyness has eased, and at Ritsu’s suggestion, he has become more mature and speaks in a manly tone. His hobby is taking pictures, and he doesn’t seem to be good at taking pictures.


Tainaka Ritsu
Like Mio, he speaks in a boyish tone and acts straight and roughly. She has a very sociable personality, and sometimes brightens up the atmosphere in her club, and never forgets to pay close attention to those around her, showing the side of a manager who thinks about the music club properly. She gets along well with Yui, and the people around her often criticize and lecture her because they both act like fools and get too loose, and she is even beaten by Mio.

Kotobuki Tsumugi
Her personality is gentle and warm. She basically speaks politely like a young lady. She has a good spirit and can easily adapt to the relaxed atmosphere of the light music club, but unlike Yui and Ritsu, she rarely gets into a bad mood.


Azusa Nakano
Along with Mio, she has a serious personality and is a common sense person who keeps the relaxed atmosphere of the light music club in check. However, every time she is taken in by the relaxed atmosphere, she wonders if this is okay for her. Her parents played in a jazz band, so she learned to play the guitar when she was in elementary school.

The charm of this work

As the band’s name suggests, we hold tea parties every day as an after-school club activity, but rather than band practice, we mainly have chats.

The fluffy conversations between the five club members are very cute and soothing.

There is almost no sports-oriented aspect of aiming for and achieving some big goal, and it loosely depicts the casual daily life of a high school girl.

Still, the days of youth look sparkling and charming.

It carefully depicts the emotional movements of girls who feel sadness and loneliness as they approach adulthood, and it is both empathetic and moving.

And most of all, it’s a cute picture.

At first glance, the peaceful and peaceful daily life of the characters seems unrealistic, but the worries and anxieties that each character has are often similar to those that everyone has felt during their adolescence.

For teenagers, it is a work that depicts a dream of youth and friendship, and for adults who have finished their youth, it is a beautiful work that resembles a scene from the past.

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