Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”



In 71 C.E., Kira, a young coordinator, was living peacefully in Heliopolis, a colony in the neutral country of Orb, when he was attacked by the ZAFT army, who came to steal five mobile suits that had been secretly developed in Heliopolis.

While fleeing, he arrives at a mobile suit factory, where he reunites with his childhood best friend, Athrun, an elite pilot in the ZAFT army.

Kira is confused about meeting Athrun again, but she boards the Strike Gundam with Murrue Ramius, a female officer from the Allied Forces who was present.

Kira rewrites the unfinished operating system of the aircraft and destroys the ZAFT mobile suit, despite it being his first time operating the aircraft.

Murrue Ramius requests Kira to board the Strike in place of the Allied mobile suit pilot who was killed in the attack.

Kira decides to fight against the ZAFT army led by his best friend Athrun in order to protect his precious friends and end the war.



Kira Yamato
He was originally a student at an engineering college who lived a peaceful life in the colony Heliopolis in the neutral country of Orb, but by chance he became involved in the war between Earth and Plant as a Strike pilot.

Murrue Ramius
At the Atlantic Federation’s Heaven Island Technical Research Institute, he was involved in the development of PS armor as a technical officer. However, through many twists and turns, he is appointed as the acting captain of the special assault ship “Archangel”, and is given the heavy responsibility of leading a ship that lacks both military strength and manpower.


Athrun Zala
Kira Yamato’s childhood friend and the son of Patrick Zala, who later became the chairman of the Plant’s Supreme Council. He and Lacus Clyne were fiancees decided by their parents, but in the end they disappeared naturally.
His mother, Lenore Zara, was involved in the “Bloody Valentine,” a large-scale terrorist attack by the Natural Fundamentalists, and was deceased at the start of the play. Because of this, he did not have good feelings toward naturals at first.

Lacus Clyne
In the beginning, she appears as a plant diva who is Athrun’s fiancée.
While she was lost in space, she was rescued by the Earth Alliance’s battleship, Archangel, and that’s when she met Kira Yamato.

The charm of this work

The Gundam SEED series is an anime series that teaches us the folly of war in an easy-to-understand manner.
A variety of circumstances have led to war, but he asserts that the fundamental reason is the emotions inherent in humans.

It also conveys that in war, people whose emotions are dominated by sadness and hatred are forced into a corner, thinking that “we have no choice but to fight,” even though we know that there is nothing but loss. At the same time, the act of dialogue that makes us human is being lost.

Even in real life, there are countries that are at war, and we sometimes feel resentment towards other countries. However, this is an issue that should be resolved through dialogue. We should know from history that armed conflict can only lead to tragedy.

Everyone should watch the Gundam SEED series when there is even the slightest hint of war or hatred towards other countries.

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