Introducing the popular Japanese anime “STEINS;GATE”



The setting is Akihabara in the summer of 2010.

Rintaro Okabe started the “Future Gadget Research Institute” and created inventions with unknown uses every day.

But one day, he accidentally creates a “time machine” that can send emails to the past.

Unable to contain his excitement about the century’s inventions, he repeatedly interferes with the past out of curiosity.

As a result, a great tragedy that engulfs the world will befall Okabe and his friends.

Okabe’s lone battle begins to avert tragedy.

Will he be able to overcome his fate?



Rintaro Okabe
He is the founder of the Future Gadget Research Institute. Due to his inability to read the atmosphere, he has a limited number of friendships, but when his lab members are in crisis, he is the first to help them and shows a caring side to his friends.

Makise Kurisu
lab member of the Future Gadget Research Institute. She is a genius who graduated from a famous overseas university without skipping a grade, and her paper was published in “Science” when she was 17 years old. She met Rintaro Okabe when she was giving a lecture on time travel.
She becomes a lab member because she is interested in her phone range experiments.


Mayuri Shiina
Lab member of “Future Gadget Research Institute”. She is Rintaro Okabe’s childhood friend and usually attends a private university. She has a self-paced, natural, and optimistic personality, and she works part-time at a cat-eared maid cafe. She also has a hobby of making cosplay costumes, but since she doesn’t wear the costumes herself, she enjoys dressing her friends.

Itaru Hashida
Lab member of “Future Gadget Research Institute”. This character is nicknamed “Dar”. He has known Rintaro Okabe since high school, and they usually attend the same university. He is an otaku who loves anime, games, and other two-dimensional things, and he professes to be a big fan of the maid cafe Feiris. He also has advanced programming skills and is depicted hacking research institutions with ease.

The charm of this work

The biggest highlight of this work is the story with an unpredictable ending and the many foreshadowings scattered throughout.

How does Rintaro’s modification of the past affect the story? When you watch the final episode, everything comes together.

I can only say that it is admirable that the foreshadowing is so neatly recovered in a complex story where the past changes rapidly.

There are a lot of foreshadowings from the beginning, so after you finish watching this movie, you’ll want to watch it again from the beginning.

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