Introducing the popular Japanese anime “SPY×FAMILY”



A time when East and West were in a state of cold war. Twilight, an agent working behind the scenes in the West, receives a new mission notification from a certain Japanese division.

The mission is to “infiltrate a social gathering at a prestigious school attended by the son of President Donovan Desmond, who threatens peace between East and West, and find out his movements.”

In order to accomplish his mission, Twilight immediately creates a temporary family. However, the “Yoru” he chose to be his wife is a “killer”, and the “Anya” he chose to be his daughter is a “psychic” who can read minds.

Three people who decided to live together because of their coincidence of interests. World peace is entrusted to them.



Anya Forger
Adopted from an orphanage by Loid.
Anya is a psychic who was able to read people’s minds through an experiment conducted by an organization, so she also knows the secrets of Loid and Yor.
She likes watching spy cartoons and eating peanuts, and she hates carrots.

Loid Forger
On the surface, he is a psychiatrist working at Berlint General Hospital, but in reality he is a talented spy named Twilight who belongs to WISE.
In order to carry out Operation Strix ordered by WISE, he adopted Anya from an orphanage, married Yor, and created a fake family.

Yor Forger
Lloyd’s wife.
She is a 27-year-old woman, and she usually works at Berlint City Hall.
Her true identity is an assassin working for the secret organization Garden under the name Ibarahime.
Yor hears that a single woman is suspected of being a spy, and she decides to marry Lloyd, whom she met by chance.
She is a slender beauty, but she has high fighting ability that can outwit Twilight.

The charm of this work

The father is a spy, the mother is an assassin, and the daughter is a psychic, so they have a very special family environment, but they don’t know each other’s true identities.

For this reason, they live together while hiding their identities so that none of them find out.

When you listen to it, you might think it’s a serious story, but it turns out to be a heartwarming comedy full of family love, laughter, and emotion.

It was supposed to be a fake life for the sake of each person’s interests, but watching them gradually become like a real family is a heartwarming and comforting story.

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