Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Genesis of Aquarion”

河森正治/湯山 邦彦『創聖のアクエリオン』サテライト


Antarctic melted, and Atlantia, which was supposed to have perished 12,000 years ago, appeared, and the winged “Fallen Angel Tribe” revived.

They sent biological mechanical weapons “Mythical Beasts” one after another into human cities and captured humans. It was to ingest the bio-energy “Prana”.

On the other hand, mankind was planning a counterattack, and had excavated three hybrid fighters “Vector Machines” from underwater ruins. It is a legendary weapon that is said to have driven the Fallen Angel Tribe to extinction 12,000 years ago.

By combining the Vector Machines, the “Mechanical Angel Aquarion” appears. To move Aquarion, a human called an “Element” who can resonate with the machine life of the machine is needed. Because particularly keen senses and pure souls are required, boys and girls in their mid-teens were gathered as pilots.

And finally, the time has come for the “Mechanical Angel Aquarion” to combine…


河森正治/湯山 邦彦『創聖のアクエリオン』サテライト
河森正治/湯山 邦彦『創聖のアクエリオン』サテライト

The protagonist of this work. In the story, he is considered to be the reincarnation of “Apollonius”, the strongest guardian angel of Atlantia, but he denies this, saying, “I am me.” Since being rescued by Baron while alone in a refugee camp, he has been acting together as a partner. The name Apollo was also given by Baron. Afterwards, he shared stolen food with other children who had no relatives, and survived in a harsh environment in a devastated city.

Silvia De Alisia
The heroine of this work. She is the past life of the human female warrior Celiane, who fell in love with Apollonius of the Fallen Angel Tribe in the great war 12,000 years ago. She was raised as a princess of the Alisia Kingdom. She excels in physical arts and has enough brute strength to break walls. She uses telekinesis. She is a competitive and romantic tomboy. She is as stubborn as Apollo when it comes to food.

The charm of this work

Isn’t it amazing that you can still love each other even after 10,000 and 2,000 years? This is an anime that shows such greatness.

In this era where people have forgotten what it means to love, I want you to watch this anime and learn what it means to love.

The grand story of Apollo and Silvia progresses based on love. This love story not only brings happiness to the two of them, but also to those around them. There are few anime with love as a theme, and it is a divine anime that was popular for a while.

Furthermore, under the theme of “combination”, it teaches us the importance of love. By watching this anime, you can learn about true love, so it’s an anime that I want everyone, regardless of gender or age, to watch.

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