Introducing the popular Japanese anime “The Saga of Tanya the Evil”



Unified Calendar, June 1923. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed young girl, Tanya Degurechaff, was diligently training on the third patrol line of the Norden war zone in the Northern Army District as part of her final course at the Imperial Military Academy and her unit duties.

The training, which was the first step towards a brilliant career as an aerial mage, was supposed to end without any issues.

However, the situation takes an unexpected turn. The Empire and the Allied Union plunge into a state of war triggered by the Allied Union’s cross-border violation.

With the transition to a wartime system, an observation mission is assigned, but a surprise attack by the Allied Union forces occurs, and Tanya finds herself in a situation where she must engage in single combat with an enemy mage squadron.

Outnumbered and unable to hold out until allies arrive, yet if she tries to flee, she cannot escape the death penalty for desertion in the face of the enemy – a desperate situation.

In order to survive at all costs and to appeal to the upper echelons that she has done her best, Tanya launches a certain operation.



Tanya von Degurechaff
The protagonist of this work. Originally a Japanese salaryman in his 30s, he had a strong desire for promotion and was indifferent to others, but this led to his sudden death due to resentment. He is reincarnated as a woman in another world, retaining his memory, by Being X, who criticized him for “not knowing reason” and “lacking faith”. Because she had magical aptitude, she entered the military academy at a young age to escape from her poor life in the orphanage, and became an officer at just 9 years old.

Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov
A girl who graduated from a juvenile school and was conscripted. She is the daughter of defectors from the Federation. She was Tanya’s first subordinate and later became her adjutant. From her time as a new recruit to the present, she has been paired with Tanya on the battlefield, making her the person who has been with Tanya the longest on the battlefield. She is a sensible person, but there are parts of her that have been influenced by her long association with Tanya. In addition to being able to discern her thoughts and take action, she is also good at making coffee, which makes her very useful to Tanya.

The charm of this work

While the fundamental worldview is fantasy, with the protagonist being a reincarnated person and the existence of magic, the intricately crafted settings and developments, such as diplomatic and political issues, the war situation with surrounding countries, a country that becomes exhausted with each victory, and top politicians who do not understand the current situation, are so realistic that they do not seem fictional, making it a very rewarding read.

For those who want to read a full-fledged military tale, they will be able to fully enjoy both the powerful battles and the strategies that involve cunning.

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