Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “咲-Saki-”



In a society where the strength of one’s Mahjong game determines their life, Saki Miyanaga, a first-year student at Kiyosumi High School, had distanced herself from Mahjong due to a family Mahjong game.

She is brought by her friend, Kyotaro Suga, to play with the members of the Mahjong club. Saki is defeated by Nodoka Haramura and others who have individual championship experience from junior high school, and she leaves the place.

However, Hisa Takei, the club president, feels uncomfortable with the situation where Saki is going up with a plus-minus zero in all games, and calls out Saki the next day.

While other players try to prevent the plus-minus zero, Saki ends the game again with a plus-minus zero. In the next game, following Hisa’s words, she goes up with a Yakuman and finishes at the top.

Afterwards, Saki, who has become estranged from her sister, Teru, decides to join the Mahjong club, thinking that she might be able to talk through Mahjong.



Saki Miyanaga
The protagonist of this work. She tends to lose confidence in mahjong due to a timid personality. She is also quite clumsy, often tripping and getting lost. Her hobby is reading, especially foreign mystery novels. She used to play mahjong barefoot, and she finds that she plays better when she takes off her shoes and socks.

Nodoka Haramura
She won the National Junior High School Mahjong Tournament last year and boasts idol-like popularity due to her excellent appearance and ample bust. She has a calm and composed personality, but her competitive side shows when it comes to mahjong. She is afraid of ghosts and darkness.

The charm of this work

The charm of this work can be largely divided into three parts:

1. Sports Element Throughout all seasons, including the first and second periods where they compete against the powerhouses of the prefecture for the national tournament, and the third period where the stage is moved to the national level, the girls are devoted to mahjong. They deepen their friendship while competing with rivals. The viewers will undoubtedly be moved by the sight of these girls working desperately.

2. Ability Battle Element Each character has various abilities and fights using them. Among them, there are opponents with incredible abilities, and the scenes where the girls are fighting are thrilling.

3. Cute All the characters are cute. Each one has a solid character. Unique habits and appearances make it very fun to watch. Please watch and find your favorite character.

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