Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”



The story begins when a lonely boy, Shinji Ikari, is called by his father and visits New Tokyo City.
A gigantic, unidentified creature appears in front of Shinji, who is waiting to greet him without being informed.
It was an entity called “Apostle”, and it was an unknown creature that attacked humanity.

The person who came to pick Shinji up was a beautiful woman named Misato Katsuragi.

She is an employee of a secret organization called “Nerv,” a secret agency dedicated to annihilating the Apostles, and Shinji was summoned by her father to be a fighter against the Apostles.
Shinji is brought to Cage 7, deep inside Nerv, by an adult he doesn’t know.

Waiting there was his father, Gendo Ikari, and Evangelion.

The mission given to Shinji by his father is to ride an Eva and annihilate the “Apostle” who was destroying the city earlier.
Shinji panics over the sudden mission and refuses to board the Eva.

There, Gendo calls for another injured pilot, Rei Ayanami.
When Shinji sees a girl who cannot stand on her own trying to board the Eva, he finally decides to fight on board the Eva.



Ikari Shinji
14 year old third child. Evangelion Unit 01 exclusive pilot. When he was young, he lost his mother Yui right in front of his eyes. After that, he was left in the care of his teacher and ended up living apart from his father, Gendo. A shy boy who has trouble communicating with people. He is conflicted about riding Eva and fighting the apostles.

Rei Ayanami
First Children. 14 years old. Exclusive pilot of Evangelion Unit 0. His past history has been erased. He shows almost no emotion and only smiles in front of Commander Ikari.


Misato Katsuragi
29 years old. She is the director of NERV operations, a special agency under direct control of the United Nations. His rank is first lieutenant. He was later promoted to third lieutenant. He takes over the mission to intercept the apostles within NERV. He has a rough personality and is optimistic. She is a manly man, but she is also beautiful. His favorite food is beer. During the Second Impact in 2000, he was in Antarctica with the Katsuragi Research Team and witnessed the Apostle. At that time, the shock of witnessing his father’s death caused him to temporarily suffer from aphasia.

Gendo Ikari
Commander of the special agency NERV. He is 48 years old. Father of Shinji Ikari. He marries Yui Ikari, but she dies in an accident during an experiment. From that day on, he became devoted to promoting the Human Completion Plan. He is a person who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He also shows that he cares for Rei Ayanami, but his true intentions are shrouded in mystery.

recommended points

This work is full of charm that other robot-based genres lack, such as the psychological depiction of the characters and the storyline that sprinkles various foreshadowing without revealing the full details of the organization and plans.

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