The Synopsis and Appeal of the Anime “Allison & Lillia”



In a world where there is only one gigantic continent, it is divided into two federations that have been waging a barren war for a long time. The story begins with an adventure of a girl named Allison and a boy named Wil, who were raised in an orphanage, searching for a “treasure worth ending the war”. Eventually, the story unfolds into a tale where their daughter Lillia and her boyfriend Treize take the stage.



Allison Whittington
She is a pilot in the Roxche Air Force with the rank of Corporal. She is a bright and active 17-year-old girl with transparent golden hair and blue eyes. She has a very bad sleeping posture and wakes up poorly. She is deeply in love with Wil, but she can’t find the right timing to express her feelings.

Wilhelm Schultz
He is called Wil. He grew up with Allison in the “House of the Future”. He has a gentle and laid-back personality. He has been tossed around by Allison since he was a child, but he goes along with it without complaining. He possesses an excellent brain, sharp insight, and memory, and he is primarily responsible for solving the mysteries in the story.

TV Anime “Allison & Lillia” Opening Movie (Shione Yukawa / Bridge of Sighs)

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