Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Angel Beats!”

麻枝准『Angel Beats!』P.A.WORKS


The story begins when the main character, Otonashi, wakes up in a strange school and is suddenly approached by a girl.
The person, who she calls Yuri, tells her that Otonashi is dead.
While he is wondering, she explains that she has to fight against an “angel” who looks like nothing more than a female student.
Otonashi approaches the angel with doubts, but is relieved that it is possible to have a conversation.
However, in the next moment, his vision is enveloped in darkness.


麻枝准『Angel Beats!』P.A.WORKS
麻枝准『Angel Beats!』P.A.WORKS

Yuzuru Otonashi
or some reason, he dies and reaches the afterlife having lost all his memories of life except for his last name, and is semi-forced by Yuri to join the “Dead World Front”. When he first joined the army, he intended to only stay until his memory returned, but he gradually developed a sense of camaraderie with the frontline members. She is smart as she studied to get into medical school, and even though she is a newcomer, she is able to give precise instructions in the event of an emergency.She shows quick movements and has high physical ability.

Yuri Nakamura

A girl who launches a front line and unites it.
She has a strong competitive personality, and in the first half of the story, in order to defeat the angel (Kanade), she did not care about the damage done to her friends, but as she interacts with Kanade, she asks for her cooperation. I have become more open-minded than before.

麻枝准『Angel Beats!』P.A.WORKS

Angel/Kanade Tachibana
The student council president of a school in the afterlife. Although he is called an “angel” by the members of the front, he is actually a dead human like the members of the front. He is small and has a childish face. He is taciturn and calm and doesn’t express much emotion, but on the inside he is naturally dull. According to Otonashi, he is clumsy and naive.


“Angel Beats” depicts how life ends. This is a story of people who died in pain, people who died with regret, people who died with regrets, and how these people come to an end in the true sense of the word. How many people in this world can die satisfied? The way the characters ask themselves questions about the meaning of life moves the viewer to tears, making them shed heartfelt tears.

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