Introducing the popular Japanese anime “Attack on Titan”

諫山創『進撃の巨人』WIT STUDIO


In a world infested with giants, people were compelled to live in cities surrounded by enormous walls to protect themselves from the threat.

On the day the Survey Corps, who had been exploring outside the city, returned, Eren Yeager and his childhood friend Mikasa Ackerman, who were attacked by a giant, witnessed the scene of Eren’s mother, trapped under the rubble, being eaten by a giant.

Overwhelmed by his own powerlessness to save his mother, Eren, along with Mikasa, enlists in the Training Corps, determined to learn the means to defeat the giants.


諫山創『進撃の巨人』WIT STUDIO
諫山創『進撃の巨人』WIT STUDIO

Eren Yeager
The protagonist of this work. He is a boy with a strong belief in being “free”. He joins the Survey Corps and dreams of exploring the world outside the walls. At the age of 10 in the year 845, he witnessed his mother being killed by a giant right in front of him due to a giant invasion. From this past, he adopts the principle of “exterminating the giants” as his course of action.

Mikasa Ackerman
The heroine of this work and Eren’s childhood friend. She was targeted by a trio of robbers due to her rare lineage, and her parents were killed. However, she was saved by Eren and taken in by the Yeager family. Grateful for having her life saved and for her new family, she admires Eren and considers it her mission to protect him.

諫山創『進撃の巨人』WIT STUDIO

Armin Arlert
A boy who is a childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa. He is quiet and introverted, but he also has a strong core, is intellectual, and has a rich curiosity. After reading a book owned by his grandfather, he came to believe that humanity should eventually go to the outside world, and he was the one who sparked Eren’s longing for the outside world.

The charm of this work

“Attack on Titan,” which depicts the war between humans and giants, is a story where human will to live, despair, loyalty, and betrayal intertwine.

Every page spun compels the reader to project their emotions, exuding a presence.

The sight of the protagonist, Eren Yeager, confronting the giants, the pursuit of the true purpose of the giants… These transcend the framework of mere battle entertainment and pose questions about human survival, ideals, and morality.

Furthermore, “Attack on Titan” constantly stimulates the quest for the unknown truth.

Why do giants eat humans? What exactly are the giants? What does it mean for a human to be able to transform into a giant? And what exactly is the truth?.. Each time a mystery is unraveled, a new one is born, enticing the reader to the next page.

What is right and what is wrong? What is truth and what is fiction? As the reader themselves unravels the truth, the story draws them deeper.

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