The Synopsis and Appeal of the Anime “Gurren Lagann”



This is the story of a man who has yet to realize his destiny. In the distant future, after a long time has passed, humanity has found its habitat deep underground, where they have been living. The hearts of the people have become small and hardened, living as if holding their breath. In one such settlement, Jiha Village, there were two men. A timid boy, Simon, and another man, Kamina, who never doubted the existence of the surface. Their fate began to move dramatically when the ceiling of the village collapsed…

Along with the collapsed ceiling came a giant mecha with a face for a body, Gunmen, and a girl with a superconducting rifle, Yoko. With Kamina’s dream of the surface, the two of them added Yoko as a new companion and jumped out to the distant surface on the mecha, Lagann! However, the surface was a world ruled by the Spiral King. In such a desperate world, Kamina and Simon challenge. As they break through what everyone perceives as “common sense” and move forward, more and more people begin to sympathize with them. But in front of them stands a wall of overwhelming power. When they sensed defeat, the choice Kamina made was…



The protagonist of this work. 14 years old. He has a small stature for his age. He is timid and introverted, but he has a high ability to calmly assess situations and make accurate judgments. He has a pure personality, for better or worse. Once he thinks “it’s no good”, he becomes thoroughly negative, but on the contrary, when he is convinced that “I can do it, I can do it”, he shows courage and perseverance that astonishes those around him.

A passionate and ambitious team leader-like figure. A young man of 17 with a sturdy physique. He recklessly pursues romance, believes that everything can be solved with spirit, and has a somewhat carefree personality. At the same time, he possesses the charm and leadership that strongly attracts people. He is Simon’s older brother figure and trusts him as a soul brother. Although the two have completely different personalities, they confront enemies and difficulties with an exquisite combination.


Yoko Littner
One of the heroines of this work, she is a 14-year-old girl who fights beastmen with a superconducting rifle that boasts a size larger than her own height. She is basically bright, kind, and caring, but due to living in the harsh surface world, she also has a tough and severe side. She is strong and has a high ability to respond to situations, but she also has weaknesses appropriate for her age.

The charm of this work

The robot anime “Gurren Lagann,” which was broadcast in 2007, is a masterpiece anime that is often referred to as a “hot anime” or “passionate anime” even today, thanks to its story of a timid boy named Simon returning to the royal road and its high-energy animation.

The animation unfolds with a high tension that excites anyone who watches it, and the tremendous heat contained in the climax of each action scene seems to come through the screen, making the viewer’s heart burn hotly. In terms of powerful animation, there are few works that can stand shoulder to shoulder with this one.

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