Introducing the recommended Japanese anime”Zatch Bell”



Zatch, a demon child, suddenly appears to Kiyomaro Takamine, a lonely junior high school student who is a genius.

Zatch, who aims to become the king of the demon world by fighting against 100 monsters sent around the world, fights against rival monsters that attack him based on the words of the demon book that Kiyomaro reads.

During this battle, he decided to become a kind king.

Kiyomaro also comes into contact with Zatch’s pure feelings, and his lonely life changes completely, and he gains spiritual growth through various experiences.



Kiyomaro Takamine

When he was in elementary school, he seemed to play well with his friends at school, but when he entered junior high school, those around him began to be jealous of Kiyomaro’s talent, and he was shunned by those around him.
Kiyomaro, who was hurt, did not go to school and was living a depressed life, almost a recluse, until he met Zatch, who came to Japan at the request of his father, Seitaro Takamine.
As he becomes involved in the “battle to decide the king of the demon world,” he develops a strong bond with Zatch, and fights together while growing both physically and mentally.


In a forest on the outskirts of England, someone robbed him of his memories of the demon world and left him seriously injured, and when he was on the verge of death, he was saved by archaeologist Seitaro Takamine.
In order to repay him, he came to Japan to train his son, Kiyomaro Takamine, who was causing trouble to his mother by not going to school.


The charm of this work is the strong bond between humans and monsters, which is depicted in 100 ways.
In particular, the farewell scene where each monster returns to the demon world,
I can’t watch any of it without crying.
Some people love each other irresistibly but have to break up, while others realize the importance of each other at the very end.
The bond between 100 pairs of humans and monsters that transcends race, and the emotional farewell scene that cannot be seen without crying in 100 different ways.
This is the biggest appeal of “Zatch Bell”

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