Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Eureka Seven”



The story revolves around 14-year-old Renton Thurston, who lives in a remote town.

Renton was living a peaceful but boring life, but suddenly a Nirvash, a humanoid mobile weapon he had never seen before, fell into his room.

Eureka, a mysterious girl on board the aircraft, decides to stay for a while to maintenance the Nirvash.

Just as she was about to do some maintenance, a missile suddenly came flying at her, and she had to take off without being able to do any maintenance.

Renton receives a part called the “Amita Drive” from his grandfather, who was said to be a legendary mechanic, and takes to the skies in the midst of battle.

After this battle, Renton decides to depart with Eureka and the others. His ordinary life reaches a turning point, and he grows into an important role supporting the girls.



Renton Thurston
The son of the hero Adrock, who once saved the world from a major disaster. Shortly after he was born, he lost his mother, and soon after, his father as well. His older sister Diane, who had been his parental figure, also disappeared and was living with her grandfather Axel. He is an ordinary boy who struggles helplessly, dissatisfied with the world and his future. Although he has vitality, he can act without thinking ahead, often causing unnecessary trouble.

It is said that there is something about her that sets her apart from ordinary people, and she is able to read the flow of the normally invisible Trapper and understand the language of machines, including her beloved machine Nirvash.
her words and expressions are emotionless and restrained.
She meets Renton, and her emotions of joy, anger, and sadness gradually appear, and although she is confused, she begins to realize that she has romantic feelings for him.


Although they don’t always fight on robots, once they start fighting, the battle scenes are spectacular.
With a few exceptions, most LFOs use a board similar to surfing, and engage in battle by riding the waves in the air.
Eureka Seven has many famous scenes, but the one that makes those famous scenes even better is the insert song.
Once you watch it, it’s so impressive that not only the famous scene, but also the insert song that was played during that scene will remain in your mind.

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