Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Aria the Animation”



The story is set in the world of the 2300s. Through terraforming, Mars has been filled with water and has become a planet called “Aqua”.

On Aqua, there is a tourist city called “Neo-Venezia”, which recreates the cityscape of Venice, Italy.

In this city, there is a profession called “Undine” who guide the city using gondolas.

Dreaming of becoming such an Undine, a 15-year-old girl named Mizunashi Akari, who came from Manhome (Earth), joins the gondola tourism company, ARIA Company.



Mizunashi Akari
The protagonist of the series. She is 15 years old, stands 155cm tall, was born on January 30th, and is an Aquarius with blood type A. She is training every day to become a Prima. She enjoys every aspect of her daily life and always comes up with embarrassing lines to say. She is a genius at finding the wonderful in what others take for granted. She enjoys interacting with others and can talk to strangers without fear.

Aika S. Granzchesta
She is 16 years old, stands 160cm tall, was born on February 2nd, and is an Aquarius with blood type O. She is affiliated with Himeya. She is the heiress of Himeya, which is a hereditary system. She is the first friend in the same industry that Akari made in Aqua. She loves Alicia and is always showing up at ARIA Company.


Alice Carroll
She is 14 years old, stands 145cm tall, was born on September 1st, and is a Virgo with blood type B. She is affiliated with Orange Planet. She has a talent for handling the oar so beautifully that it has been featured in articles. Because of this, she attracts attention from those around her, such as being asked for autographs by junior students at school. At first glance, she gives off a mature atmosphere, but she also has childlike aspects appropriate for her age.

Alicia Florence
She is 19 years old, stands 165cm tall, was born on October 30th, and is a Scorpio with blood type A. She is affiliated with ARIA Company. She is one of the “Three Great Water Fairies”. Her nickname is “Snow White”. She is a gentle and calm lady. She is Akari’s mentor and the ace of ARIA Company. She was working alone at ARIA Company until Akari arrived.


President Aria
He is the president of ARIA Company. He is a large white cat of a breed unique to Aqua, with blue eyes. He has a considerable lifespan and has lived for at least 20 years. He is always sending signs of courtship to Hime, the president of Himeya, but is being ignored.

The charm of this work

This is an anime that is often referred to as a “slice of life” series, and it’s incredibly soothing.

What makes it so soothing? It’s the beautifully captured everyday stories, the exquisite blend of the near future and the good old days, and the simple yet wonderful music that accompanies daily life. All of these elements contribute to its charm.

While being incredibly peaceful, it makes you realize that perhaps our everyday life is filled with wonder? It allows you to experience growth, encounters, and partings that are a bit bittersweet and leaves you with a warm feeling. That’s the kind of anime it is.

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