Introducing the synopsis and charm of the popular anime “NINKU-忍空-”

桐山光侍『NINKU -忍空-』スタジオぴえろ


“Ninku” – It is the strongest martial art in history, combining karate and ninjutsu. In the midst of a great war, a small group of Ninku users, the “Ninku Corps,” managed to decimate enemy forces, but for some reason, they suddenly stopped fighting and disbanded, disappearing without a trace. Three years after the end of the war, people were freed from the fear of war, but they were suffering under the tyranny of the new government.

Fusuke, a former member of the Ninku Corps, was on a journey in search of his mother, who was taken away when he was a child. Along the way, Fusuke encounters his old comrades and decides to continue his journey with them.


桐山光侍『NINKU -忍空-』スタジオぴえろ
桐山光侍『NINKU -忍空-』スタジオぴえろ

The protagonist of this work. He is usually laid-back and it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking, but he is a kind-hearted boy who loves peace and wishes for everyone to live happily. He generally dislikes conflict and does not take the lives of his adversaries, but he shows a side of himself that is unyielding when necessary.

During the war, after being abandoned by his parents in the village, he was betrayed by people one after another and became unable to trust anyone, turning into a rough delinquent. However, after being helped by Fusuke and Toji, he experienced human warmth for the first time and began Ninku. However, his quick-tempered nature hasn’t changed much from his delinquent days, and unlike Fusuke, he shows no mercy to those who oppose him.

桐山光侍『NINKU -忍空-』スタジオぴえろ

The first Zodiac Ninja that the protagonist, Fusuke, encountered. He has a mild and good-natured personality, and was a leader among the Zodiac Ninjas during the great war. He is a powerful figure who once subdued 100 people on the battlefield into a sea of blood in just 10 minutes. Perhaps because of his good-naturedness, he is not very good at judging people, and has been betrayed several times by people he trusted, such as his subordinates and close friends.

The charm of this work

Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the hit manga “NARUTO” from the 2000s, which has sold over 150 million copies in total, said, “I started (NARUTO) because I wanted to read the continuation of Ninku.”

The charm of this work is Fusuke’s “no-kill” spirit, which remains consistent in both the anime and the original work.

The world after the war is in turmoil because of the strong power of “Ninku”. How to make use of too strong power? It always asks us. Fusuke and his fellow Zodiac Ninjas consistently embody the idea that “Ninku is not a power to hurt people” in both stories. They do not condone bullying the weak, nor do they kill those who hate and attack them. A “cool hero” is kind to both enemies and allies who should be protected. The way Fusuke and his friends live has fascinated readers and viewers.

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