Introducing the synopsis and charm of the popular anime “Zoids”



On the planet Zi, located far across the galaxy, there existed superior metallic lifeforms known as “Zoids”. Zoids, possessing a will to fight, reigned as the ultimate weapons amidst the war between the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic on planet Zi. The protagonist, Van Flyheight, is a boy who was born and raised on this planet and has a love for Zoids.

One day, within the ruins of an ancient civilization, he encounters Zeke, an Organoid with the power to combine with Zoids, and a mysterious girl named Fiona Elisi Linnet.

With the Shield Liger revived by Zeke’s power as his beloved machine, he embarks on a journey to uncover the lost past of Fiona, who has lost her memory…



Van Flyheight
The protagonist of this work. He is a boy living in “Wind Colony”, a remote village. He is a bright, innocent, and hot-blooded boy with a strong curiosity. He values friendship deeply and asserts that “helping friends is a matter of course”.

Fiona Elisia Linette
The heroine of this work. She is quite a natural airhead. Initially, she was almost purely innocent and somewhat lacking in emotion, but gradually begins to show emotions during her journey with Van and the others.


Zeke is a special Zoid known as an “Organoid”, created by the ancient Zoid people. By combining with other Zoids, it has the ability to draw out the combat capabilities of Zoids to their utmost limits.

Shield Liger
Van’s beloved machine. It has the ability to protect itself from enemy attacks by spreading a powerful energy shield all over its body.

The charm of this work

The greatest charm of the anime “Zoids” is its powerful battle scenes. The battles between Zoids, with their force and speed, have thrilled many viewers.

The battles of Zoids are not just fights between robots, but are depicted as battles where strategy and tactics determine the outcome. Therefore, the battle scenes are not just action scenes, but can also be enjoyed as intellectual battles.

In addition, all of the Zoids that appear in large numbers are cool. Please find your favorite Zoid.

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