Introducing the recommended Japanese anime “Elfen Lied”



Beings known as “Diclonius,” who have horns growing from their heads and possess a sixth sense, are said to be the result of a sudden mutation in humans.

These beings, said to be the ones who will eliminate mankind, were isolated and studied by the state due to their dangerous abilities.

However, due to a certain accident, a girl named Lucy who was being held in a research facility manages to escape.

On her way, Lucy loses her memory and ends up washed ashore at Yuigahama in Kamakura.

There, she meets a boy named Kouta and a girl named Yuka, is given the name “Nyu,” and ends up living with them, but…



The protagonist of this work. She is the original “Diclonius,” and the only individual with reproductive capabilities. At the beginning of the story, she escapes from a research facility and is shot in the head. The shock of this event causes her personality to split, giving birth to the personality “Nyu.” Since then, whenever she receives a shock to the head, her Lucy and Nyu personalities switch places.

The quasi-protagonist of this work. He ends up living for free in an unused ryotei, “Kaede-so,” on the condition that he cleans the building every day, as proposed by his cousin Yuka. During this time, he discovers Lucy (Nyu) who had washed ashore at Yuigahama, and decides to bring her to Kaede-so to live together.

The charm of this work

“Elfen Lied” is highly rated even outside of Japan and is said to depict racial discrimination. However, when a child is born with something different from oneself… it brings to mind disabilities or illnesses.

The fact that such an intense drama and incomprehensible erotic scenes where a girl is constantly fondling her breasts coexist is completely insane, but it is a work that resonates with those it resonates with.

This work, handled by ARMS, is characterized by beautiful background art and character design, and the music that flows in the play also enhances the story development. However, some viewers have expressed discomfort due to the grotesque depictions, so caution is needed when watching.

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