Introducing the synopsis and charm of the popular anime “Dr. Stone”



One day, a mysterious disaster occurs, “all of humanity on Earth turns to stone.”
After 3700 years have passed, Senku Ishigami, a high school student with abundant scientific knowledge and an unyielding spirit of exploration, is the only one to recover from petrification. In a world where civilization has collapsed, Senku, who has revived alone, breaks through the situation with the power of science without despair. From the situation when he revived, Senku discovered that petrification can be undone with a chemical called Nital. Using this, he first revives his childhood friend and best friend, Taiju Ooki…



Senku Ishigami
The protagonist of this work. He is an owner of an extraordinary intellect and possesses scientific knowledge in all fields. He has an extremely rationalistic personality, but he is not cold-blooded and shows a side of him that cares about his friends.

Taiju Ooki
Senku’s best friend. He is not good at thinking, but he boasts the strongest endurance and physical strength in the work. He likes Yuzuriha, and was about to confess to her just before petrification.


Yuzuriha Ogawa
A close friend of Senku and Taiju. Before petrification, she was a member of the handicraft club and is good at patiently doing detailed work. In the Kingdom of Science, she is working hard on repairing clothes and ship sails.

The charm of this work

This work offers the enjoyment of a sci-fi setting where all of humanity has turned to stone and awakens in a world 3700 years later. The charm of this work is not only in its setting, but also in the actual scientific knowledge that appears.
In the early stages of the story, soap is created from calcium carbonate obtained from shells. Furthermore, they make black powder from charcoal and sulfur, and also create glass. Senku explains principles and chemical formulas, making you feel as if you’re attending a science experiment class.

At first, Senku and his friends combine substances that can be obtained from nature with little effort to create what is necessary to advance civilization. As more hands join and new resources are discovered, large-scale machinery is also created.

For those who loved the process of creating things through experiments and crafting when they were young, this work will undoubtedly make them incredibly excited.

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